Double-manual harpsichord after Blanchet
made by Keith Hill  (Michigan, USA, 2006)
Range: FF - f'''
8' 8' 4', buff stop
Transposable keyboard 415/440 Hz
Painted soundboard, Chinoiserie decoration
Location: East Midlands (UK)

Travel clavichord after David Tannenberg
made by Christian Fuchs (Frankfurt/M, Germany, 2004)

Range: C - d'''
8' 8'
Location: East Midlands (UK)


Double-manual harpsichord
made by Martin Skowroneck
(Bremen, Germany, 1975)

Range: GG - d''', 8', 8', 4', buff stop
Transposable keyboard 415/440 Hz
Painted soundboard, painted lid (autumn leaves) 
Location: Southern Germany

longman&broderip square piano

Square piano made by Longman & Broderip
(London, ca. 1790)

Range: FF-f'''
currently at the workshop of Lucy Coad